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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Law Enforcement Class: The Rampart Scandal

Law Enforcement Class & The Rampart Scandal: 

Review the Rampart scandal and share your responses to the following questions:
  • What was the Rampart scandal? Critics, especially once Rafael Perez's allegation was made known, believed that CRASH administered rough street justice—harassing/abusing suspects and even falsifying documents. Many accused CRASH members of being police gang members themselves.
  • What are the reforms that you think were most important? Review two or three reforms out of them.
LAPD Consent Decree, Federal Oversight, Disclosure Rule, US Department of Justice to oversee everything. Complete overhaul of LAPD, Civilian involvement
 I think the fact that Criminal Justice department was overseeing everything was one of the wisest things ever, it protected the police, and the people. None of these were implemented as a punishment exactly, but to prove exactly who was in the wrong. But yes, it was to protect everyone, the Police as well as the people. In the long run, it did just that.
  • Have those reforms been effective in preventing future scandals in law enforcement agencies? Support your response with examples.
At first there was a riot, deaths, fires and more or less a war against the community and the Police. In the end, there was a big time change, and it is now working. But this was one of the biggest embarrassments to the policing communities.
Eventually, the fact that the reform was implemented did start to help. The Police department took it as a punishment, but that wasn’t exactly what it designed for. It was designed to protect them as well as the people.

  • What role did stress and burnout play in this scandal?
Fires, deaths, embarrassments, as I stated above. As well as arrests, reputations ruined, and more work for other agencies, as well as LAPD themselves. Homes lost, communities at war, and everyone scared for their own safety and well being.

Sources used:

                              And then of course it becomes a Movie:

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Fourth Amendment Case Study:

Fourth Amendment Case Study
For this week's discussion, assume that you are a member of the US Supreme Court. Consider this case:

Police suspected a man was growing marijuana inside his home. Late at night, the police (without stepping on the suspect's property) used a heat-sensing device to determine that part of the defendant's home was substantially warmer than the other homes in the area. In the detective's experience, that kind of heat signature indicated the use of indoor "grow lights." Based on this information, the detective obtained a warrant to search the house and indeed did find an indoor marijuana-growing operation.

The defendant was convicted but has appealed claiming the use of the heat sensor without his approval and without a warrant violated his rights. He believes any evidence related to the heat sensor should have been excluded from the case (and, really, the warrant should not have been issued based on the heat sensor information).

After reading this, I decided to look and see if I could actually find anything on this case. I am not actually sure if I found the actual case itself, but I did find this:

Therefore I decided to read the information listed on the site, and learn everything about the case I did find. Relevant or not, it is in fact similar.
Both, (or if this is in fact the same case, I don’t want to misquote) whatever the case may be: are a violation of the right that we have chosen to stand behind, rights by which we are entitled and given, by our forefathers. 

If we cannot honor the Constitution, and our own laws, than what good are our laws in the first place? This shows lack of respect and validity towards us, let alone one another and our own laws.

After taking all of that information in, I decided to review again, the fourth amendment and found this:

This way, I could be refreshed on that, in case I had any other questions regarding the amendment in question. 

Again, a law written by our forefathers, intended to protect us.

Then, if I can, you want me to demonstrate how the above case relates to the issue of crime control versus due process models of criminal justice. 

My opinion, towards the above case in question is simple. Officers in question were out to get drugs off the street, and felt they had something or someone big. And/or perhaps even a big fish, and felt that if they could catch this perpetrator and get a big lead onto something else, which in turn may lead to something or someone else. Which yes, eventually does. And yes, if we’re honest with one another, sometimes the Police do invent and create things to get things done. Even if they say, or pretend they don’t- because more often than not, it’s kept off the books, it is a lie. But it is often for the common good. However, again: yes there are also corrupt cops, even though we don’t care to admit that as well. 

Now let us not forget, drugs are a big problem, for both Children and Adults. And there are a lot of competitors. And a lot of the competitors, do have police on their pay roll; also something people do tend to keep under hat. But the fact that the Police avoided a claim of due of process for this case, could have been an issue of “getting even” with a war on drugs of “competition” or anything. What we don’t ever know is the entire story. That is seriously where the problem lies.
I’m to conclude with an explanation of how I would rule in such a case:
Seriously I cannot stand drugs or drug dealers. For the longest time I wanted to be a DEA officer, but as much as I hate drugs, and drug dealers, I feel I would be more danger to them than a benefit, if that makes any sense. 

However, I am a firm believer in my amendments and the fact that they were put here and for a reason. Now again, please bear with me, that I do agree that the amendments do need updated and changed and fixed in certain areas because yes- times have changed. But many of the amendments are quite reasonable, and those men in those early years knew how to respect us as people, and our rights. Fortunately, for us now, with the way the World has changed, that these were put into play. Even though, yes, as I read about this case. It does say, our times are changing, and soon, we will not be able to stand by the fourth amendment for protection. And personally I feel that is a violation of our constitutional right. We were given our rights, and by God, we need to respect one another, and those rights.

Speech: Crocheting a Hobby that Helps You to Relax

Speech Assignment:
Crocheting A Hobby that Helps You to Relax

My name is Deneale K. Williams and my favorite hobby is crocheting, today, I would love to share with you the details as to how I intend to share with my audience these details:
  1. need for credibility
a.       I have been crocheting for over 40 years, my mother before me crocheted her entire adult life, and part of her own childhood, as did her mother, and her mother before her.
  1. need for intellectual stimulation
a.       I intend to show off several of my own projects, real crafts. Crocheted items that are indeed quite beautiful.
  1. need for creativity
a.       This speech in itself is about creativeness
4.      need for relevance
a.       Relevance is when a person is trapped at home, or ill in bed, or has nowhere to go, or likes to be creative, or is simply into crafts.
  1. need for emphasis
a.       I am the best person to describe everything and anything on this subject.
Use these criteria to answer the following questions about your own speech:
  • How would you demonstrate that you are a credible speaker on this subject? I have been crocheting since I was 11. I was an abused closet child, not allowed outside much, never seen much of the world, and never did much. Crocheting and reading became my world.
  • How would you keep the audience thinking and learning about your topic? I have many things to show, many stories to tell.
  • How would you make the speech creative? I have many items to show.
  • How would you demonstrate that this topic is relevant to the audience’s needs and interests? People love to learn and do things with their hands, they also love to see beautiful things, they also like to see what other people make. Handmade is so much better and impressive to people then store bought.
  • How would you emphasize your main points so that the audience will remember those points after the speech? Demonstration and

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