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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Law Enforcement Class: The Rampart Scandal

Law Enforcement Class & The Rampart Scandal: 

Review the Rampart scandal and share your responses to the following questions:
  • What was the Rampart scandal? Critics, especially once Rafael Perez's allegation was made known, believed that CRASH administered rough street justice—harassing/abusing suspects and even falsifying documents. Many accused CRASH members of being police gang members themselves.
  • What are the reforms that you think were most important? Review two or three reforms out of them.
LAPD Consent Decree, Federal Oversight, Disclosure Rule, US Department of Justice to oversee everything. Complete overhaul of LAPD, Civilian involvement
 I think the fact that Criminal Justice department was overseeing everything was one of the wisest things ever, it protected the police, and the people. None of these were implemented as a punishment exactly, but to prove exactly who was in the wrong. But yes, it was to protect everyone, the Police as well as the people. In the long run, it did just that.
  • Have those reforms been effective in preventing future scandals in law enforcement agencies? Support your response with examples.
At first there was a riot, deaths, fires and more or less a war against the community and the Police. In the end, there was a big time change, and it is now working. But this was one of the biggest embarrassments to the policing communities.
Eventually, the fact that the reform was implemented did start to help. The Police department took it as a punishment, but that wasn’t exactly what it designed for. It was designed to protect them as well as the people.

  • What role did stress and burnout play in this scandal?
Fires, deaths, embarrassments, as I stated above. As well as arrests, reputations ruined, and more work for other agencies, as well as LAPD themselves. Homes lost, communities at war, and everyone scared for their own safety and well being.

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