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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sociology: Violating the Norm (A Deviance Excercise)

Violating the Norm
A Deviance Exercise

     For this exercise we are to create an experiment. With this experiment we are to do something out of the norm, meaning something out of the normal everyday life. We are to take notes, reactions, and make a deduction, and determine adequate data. This experiment is called the violation of a chosen ‘folkway’ which is a not a law violation, but seemingly just a life violation.

     My first instance happened on accident: I sleep in the nude. When I wake, I let my dogs out the back door to use the bathroom in their back yard which is completely fenced in.
     I live in a Mobile Home Park Community, which I am the Manager of. My home is in the front of the park, and my home is a brick home and the office. As I stated my yard is fenced in. My back yard is the front of all of their homes.
    I let the dogs out, my normal routine. Then I noticed they were all heading out the gate, which someone was rude enough to have left open. I didn’t realize nor remember I was naked. I went out and closed the gate, it was daytime. I sleep in until noon, quite frequently.
    There I was in the buff, completely naked shutting the gate, and calling the dogs back into the yard, while everyone was looking at me. My mouth is loud, I won’t lie. And I wasn’t thinking either. They were staring, and ticking me off, and I was getting mad, because they were just standing there with their mouths wide open, so I opened mine, and said, “What?! You never seen a---” And then I looked down and seen my huge size F chest hanging down, and liked to have passed out right there. I am betting my color had to have changed too.
     I was not being deviant until I noticed they were staring, and I was ready to mouth off. Then I was ready to launch an all out attack. The dogs came back into the yard, and I ran into the house.
     This situation was out of the norm, although not on purpose. However, I feel it does make for an excellent scenario because of the results.
a.       Everyone stared.
b.       I was angry
c.       In the beginning I acted like it was “norm”
d.       I shocked everyone
e.       I made them stop what they were doing.

    For my next situation I decided to do something on purpose and out of the norm, if you will. I decided to dress up as a prostitute, and go into a place where everyone knew me. Here I am a 51 year old Mom and grandmother, and I wanted them to know I decided it was time to make some extra money as a prostitute.
     “What are you doing?” Angela asks me.
     “I am tired of not being able to get a job. We need money. I know I can make it this way!” I responded to her.
     “If I give you a loan will you go home and stop this nonsense?” She reiterated.
     “No, because a loan I will just have to pay back. Can you go away, I want to find me some John’s up in here!” I said.
    She put her palm on her face.
     Another friend of mine, a man just kept staring for over a half an hour. After that, Jeremy inched his way toward me and said, “What is going on? Are you trying out a Halloween costume or something?”
     “No, this is the new me. I am broke and decided to give prostitution a try.”
     “Oh my Gawd!” He said loudly. “You’re a flippin’ criminal justice student! I know there must be a damn camera somewhere! Where the hell is it?” He said looking around.
     I started laughing. “Shut up Jeremy!!”
     “No for real, where are they?” He said still laughing and looking around.
     “I’m alone, therefore there is no camera. Go away before you blow this for me jerk!” I whispered.
     “I knew it. I’ll go over there and babysit you. I don’t want anyone hurting you. You shouldn’t be doing this experiment alone! I knew you weren’t this dumb!” He said still laughing, but trying to stop. Jeremy went away from me, but he was in the distance, and yes, now we he did make sure that no one bothered me, or hurt me.
     After about twenty minutes, my friend Jen came in, “Hey Deneale what’s up?” She said, acting as though it was just an ordinary day.
    “Not much, you?” I responded.
    “Just here to let off a little steam. Had a rough day at work. They’ve not given me a day off in over a month. Nice digs.” She continued. “Where’d you get those bad-assed boots?”
    “Where I get all of my boots! Just fab!” I responded.
    Jen didn’t pay any attention to me, didn’t judge me, didn’t assume, didn’t ask. This was a friend that I have had since I moved to Florida. I didn’t push the issue, I didn’t want to give her any information, I just kept waiting and waiting, but for several hours we just kept talking and laughing and socializing. She never once made any innuendoes or anything.
    I never was picked up for prostitution, nor did I get hit on. My make up was thick, and I never wear it. I had on high boots, and a low cut shirt with spaghetti straps. I wore a purple wig, and long finger nails, and plenty of jewelry and perfume.
    People stared at me, people glared at me. People were not impressed by my looks, and that a prostitute made an appearance at a public bar, and that the prostitute was now someone that they knew. But it was what I chose to do, out of the norm, and my way to be deviant.
     My results:
a.       People stared
b.       People were upset
c.       People laughed
d.       One knew better
e.       One didn’t care
f.        It was fun
g.       It was also kind of scary

     I always wanted to try being a prostitute; however I know I could never do the deeds they themselves do. I would love to make some of the money that some of them do, especially in California. So I thought it would be a great way to give something new, and out of the norm a try. This is why I chose this as my experiment.
     I hope this was and is ok. It was kind of fun, and was also truly a learning experience. It was also, a little scary, as well as unique. However, I must admit, I prefer my life the way it is. All eyes off of me.


What would you do as an experiment to be deviant? Please share in the comments section!

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