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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Opinion: Unwanted / Unneeded Marketing Ads / Let's Be the Change!

Unwanted and Unneeded Marketing Ads
Let’s Be the Change!

     I was born in the sixties, and grew up watching the Marlboro man cowboy, and the camel cigarette camel on the TV screen telling us that smoking would make us look like something different and feel like something different. 

     For that matter, this commercial: is from 1966 when I was only a year old. Come to where the flavor is. 

     Eventually, those type of TV commercials were banned and removed from TV ads, and now we see these instead:  which tend to make people realize the cost of cancer, and tobacco together. 

     However, the thing is, we just keep going from bad to worse. For example, I just seen (and looked, but cannot find on the internet at this time.) a commercial for ‘Tequila Herradura.’ Now they have two commercials rolling, to which I could find neither. But the one I approve of whereas they are cutting down and chopping the agave azul plant, and then showing you how they chop it in half, and put it into some kind of cooker, and heat it up. That one, to me is educational. The other commercial, states, and I quote: “You don’t know me yet.” It’s a female drummer and some other people who would hope to become famous, in one way or another. The end is trying to put into your head that their brand of tequila can help you strive for success. 

     This is where I draw the line. Just like the Marlboro cowboy doesn’t make you sexy when you smoke, the tequila isn’t going to make you famous. Ads are misleading, especially the ads that are bad for you. 

     The weight loss commercials, they cannot guarantee you weight loss, the anti-wrinkle cream cannot get rid of those crow’s feet. And by all means, don’t listen to X-Files, because ‘The truth is not out there.’

     I am so sick of the ads and the lies, I feel like the television is nothing but a box trying to program us, it is no wonder people are keeping their children away from it now of days. Paid programming is just that: paid to program us, in more ways than one. 

     One of the things we as boob-tubers need to realize and do is simple. Mute the TV during the ads, take a bathroom break, get up and stretch your legs, and move around during the commercials. Stop being such couch potatoes, and letting the TV control you, instead, take control. You have the remote, tell it who the boss is. This way you can control your excessive eating habits, and snacking, and even move around a little bit more. Once you start doing, you will see a change. This is just the first step. Once you do this, (which is a small and simple step.) you can move onto the bigger things later. 

    It’s never too late to show those ads, that we don’t need them, and who is the boss! Help me out here! It’s time for a change! Do it with me, and share this article, and let’s be the change and get others to join us! We can do this! Who is with me?!

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