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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Speech: Crocheting a Hobby that Helps You to Relax

Speech Assignment:
Crocheting A Hobby that Helps You to Relax

My name is Deneale K. Williams and my favorite hobby is crocheting, today, I would love to share with you the details as to how I intend to share with my audience these details:
  1. need for credibility
a.       I have been crocheting for over 40 years, my mother before me crocheted her entire adult life, and part of her own childhood, as did her mother, and her mother before her.
  1. need for intellectual stimulation
a.       I intend to show off several of my own projects, real crafts. Crocheted items that are indeed quite beautiful.
  1. need for creativity
a.       This speech in itself is about creativeness
4.      need for relevance
a.       Relevance is when a person is trapped at home, or ill in bed, or has nowhere to go, or likes to be creative, or is simply into crafts.
  1. need for emphasis
a.       I am the best person to describe everything and anything on this subject.
Use these criteria to answer the following questions about your own speech:
  • How would you demonstrate that you are a credible speaker on this subject? I have been crocheting since I was 11. I was an abused closet child, not allowed outside much, never seen much of the world, and never did much. Crocheting and reading became my world.
  • How would you keep the audience thinking and learning about your topic? I have many things to show, many stories to tell.
  • How would you make the speech creative? I have many items to show.
  • How would you demonstrate that this topic is relevant to the audience’s needs and interests? People love to learn and do things with their hands, they also love to see beautiful things, they also like to see what other people make. Handmade is so much better and impressive to people then store bought.
  • How would you emphasize your main points so that the audience will remember those points after the speech? Demonstration and

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