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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Different Look at the Cycle of Life with Mankind

A Different Look at the Cycle of Life with Mankind

     Consider the meaning of the term “ecology.” The word ecology is from the Greeks in the late nineteenth century (originally oecology) from Greek oikos house plus ology.

    The word ecology is derived from the branch of biology which deals with organisms and their physical surroundings. The political movement of ecology seeks to protect the environment especially from pollution. The word ecology in scrabble, will give you fourteen points, unless otherwise on special squares. 

     How do the ideas of energy and chemical cycles, community structure, biodiversity and succession fit together to form the basis of the way the natural world works? Biodiversity happens to be the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. 

    The energy that all ecosystems are dependent upon is that of the sun, which is known as radiant energy. Mankind is causing a disorder in the effects of natural radiant energy, which is known referenced to as disorder in the universe is increasing which we known the scientific term for this is entropy. Thermodynamics says that it cannot be created or destroyed, just changed, which again, this is where mankind comes in. 

     The four chemical cycles are: Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Water (which takes care of hydrogen and oxygen). Today there is the same amount of water on the Earth as there were millions of years before. You may be more familiar with carbon as its other name known as CO2, which it is being released into our air by way of fossil fuels known as gas, oil and coal. The atmosphere is a major source of CO2. Biomass is the amount of organic material in the ecosystem. Nitrogen is found in all living organisms as an element in amino acids and other essential molecules. But although almost 80 percent of Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen gas (N2). Because of it we have DNA, and RNA. Phosphorus (ATP) is only found in certain soils or rocks which the soil created. The process known as weathering releases it into our atmosphere which puts it into the biological realm by the detritivores. The water cycle is very important and often referred to as the hydrologic cycle. Hydro meaning water. The sun's energy evaporates water from land and water surfaces, adding gaseous water vapor to the atmosphere as it cools, water vapor condenses and eventually falls as precipitation (rain, snow, hail, or sleet). Plants absorb this fresh water from the soil, and consumers obtain water by eating and drinking.

     Mankind has also damaged much of this as well, by ruining lakes by polluting them: Lake Erie and Lake Apopka. And then we chose to dam up certain areas so that we can build homes, and do what we want, not what nature intended. 

     Explain how each of these ideas works and find ways to link between them. Present examples from your experience to demonstrate an understanding of the principals involved. Each of the four-chemical cycle must work together in order to make our planet thrive. Let’s use foliage for example. A plant needs sunlight and water and soil and air, that is using all four concepts, just to live and breathe, and from that point it will reproduce its seedlings and make more. That foliage will then feed an animal. Let’s use for example the foliage was lettuce. Now the rabbit will eat upon it and survive, and go home and mate, and make a family and he too will reproduce creating many young, that will live on, and they too will reproduce and repopulate. They will burrow in the Earth and leave feces which in turn will fertilize the ground, enabling the plants better growth as well. In the meantime, those rabbits are feeding more animals, and mankind as well. The other animals whom are surviving off the rabbits are in turn leaving feces and creating more of their kind, and making natural habitats as well. These animals are drinking from the lakes, and rivers. As well as frolicking in them, and enjoying their lives. Nature is growing and the sun is shining and the Earth is happy. Bacteria is reproducing in and on the feces, being left behind by the animals, in and on the soil, and insects and growing some of which will also enjoy the feces. Bugs, bees, and butterflies and moths are enjoying the flowers blooming and they are spreading pollen, and even more bacteria from plant to plant, vegetation is at an all-time high. 

     Then mankind comes in and starts tearing down trees, destroying natural habits, and hunting, and building, and redirecting streams, and building sewers, and changing the direction, and confusing nature, and the animals. At first when it is slow, just simple thing like hunting, the plants and animals can adapt, but when mankind does everything all at once, everything suffers, including the Earth. 

     There is trash left by mankind in the forest, and the deer eats it. He gets constipated. He finds something else, investigates it, and taste it. More trash. The deer lay dead in the forest. Rather than being used for food for another animal, or even mankind, this went to waste. Another deer decides to frolic across the street to tease his doe. He gets hit by a car and dies. Waste. Mankind, endangering the natural order. 

     In the 1970’s: Mankind polluted Lake Erie so badly that it killed fish off, and even damaged themselves. A new algae was created, unplanned, we created it. We did this in the 70’s and here we are again in 2014 back to see the effects of what we did still haunting life on Earth. True, an event was raised back then to clean up the Lake and stop the pollution, but it was too late, the effects were already caused, and changing. They would drive their boats on the lake, leaking oils, and throwing their trash. They would dump their garbage trucks into the lake. What were they even thinking? They weren’t and they didn’t care. 

     You would think with the amount of Ohioians that move to Florida, we wouldn’t do it again elsewhere, but guess what? We did: and it is just as sad. It seems that mankind doesn’t learn from their mistakes. And this mistake is even worse, because it is effecting the everglades. And the everglades is where much of the wildlife resides. Instead, now we are seeing wildlife running from the area, just to die. Yes, like suicide. That is how deathly ill the glades are now. 

     Now that it is seeming to late they think they are going to fix their mistakes: God willing, maybe they will and can, otherwise, because this is one of the biggest systems in the and on the Earth, this could be the death of us.

     Do people want and think they can fix and change our Earth before it’s too late? Why can’t the Presidents that we elect do something about this kind of situation? Do the Presidents even know? Or will they just wait until the last few days, just like on TV and announce a swert and sorrowful goodbye? It is something to wonder. Because honestly, why hasn’t or doesn’t any of the Presidents or President elects offer up a change to fix the planet we are destroying? Think about thi, I mean really, think about this.

     I decided to see if any Presidents have even noticed the effects of the climate change or anything and found this: Unfortunately he is no longer President. But even though he is no longer President, if he cares enough, he can still make a difference. People know him, and will listen. The question is: will he?

     Ways we can help:

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