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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Darwin's Theory

Darwin’s Theory
     Charles Darwin was born February 12, 1809 and died April 18, 1882. Charles Darwin decided early on that he did not want to practice medicine. But as Darwin had attended Edinburgh he had already decided that he wanted to learn more about genealogy and chemistry, and had taken on mentoring by Dr. Robert Grant. Dr. Grant knew Charles’s grandfather: Erasmus, and knew that he would make for a fine student.

     This page: is the page that taught me about Charles Darwin and his life. Then I read this and understood it as follows: Charles Darwin understood that biology, and natural selection. 

     According to: Charles Darwin stopped believing in an all caring and living God after watching his daughter Annie die of a slow and painful disease. He couldn’t believe that God could allow such a thing, and from that point he just gave up on believing in God, and the inability to allow a world of suffering and despair. 

     According to Charles Darwin’s Theory of evolution, we are all related, and have descended from animals and even plants. In other words, it’s not the common theory that we are all descended from apes, but also from the flowers, and the birds and bees. Charles Darwin  felt this was the best possible and plausible theory because it to him, explained everything. 

     Darwin’s theory presumes that the development of life and non life, he claims that it is a naturalistic descent with modification. We are complex creatures and we have and are evolving over time.
     If you have ever seen people create the theory of evolution through art, whereas they create an ape, and then make the ape turn into a man, this is similar to Darwin’s theory. 

    Darwin however, uses not just the apes. Darwin also uses the plants. If you have ever looked at, or know, or have researched anything through time, plants have also changed. They too change from time to time.
     However, this also has to do with the planet itself, and the Earth’s rotations, and the changes we are putting the Earth through, if you honestly think about it. We are changing the planet, and ourselves. Think about humans and how they are raising beef to grow faster, and how it is affecting humans today, for example.

      Darwin’s theory is currently in crisis because of the we have made in molecular biology, chemistry, and genetics throughout these many years. 

     The resource I gathered this information above came from: because I found this sight very helpful and insightful.

     Then I found an excellent site that made me realize something I had already thought myself. I had personally reviewed a book myself, and started to wonder about the theory of God and evolution.

     This site: point blank made me smile because it said the same thing I always have: “For thousands of years many philosophers had argued that life must have been created by a supernatural being / creator / God due to the incredible complexity of Nature (in particular, we humans and our minds). Thus it is remarkable that Charles Darwin (and others) were able to explain our existence by means of Evolution from Natural Selection - which is very obvious once understood.” Cite-
      I love it when people make you think and question God. I used to get in trouble in Junior High and High School when I would argue the Bible and evolution. “If Adam and Eve came first, then were they the cave men?” Teacher response: “Excuse me Deneale, we do not talk about the Bible in School!” But I want to know. Then I reviewed this book: “The End Times – What is it Really About” and within this book I learned there were people even before the cave men and Adam and Eve.

     Darwin’s theory of Evolution is based on five key observations:
1) Species have great fertility. Said species create offspring that can grow to adulthood.
2) Populations remain similar in size, with slight changes.
3) Food resources are limited, but remain constant at the same time.
4) Sexually reproducing species, generally no two are identical. Variation is constant.
5) Many of the variation is heritable.
Summarizing Darwin’s theory of Evolution and putting it simpler as follows:

1. Variation: Variation in every population. No two are alike.
2. Competition: Organisms compete. They compete to succeed.
3. Offspring: Organisms produce more offspring than can survive. This results in over population.
4. Genetics: Organisms pass genetic traits on to their offspring, sometimes this can cause breeding problems.
5. Natural Selection: Organisms with the most beneficial traits are more likely to survive and reproduce. 

     Charles Darwin felt there is a reason for everything and that if God would have created this planet, and all of the people and everything upon it, then why was it not perfect. That in itself is something to think about, which many of us do daily.

     Darwin liked to research and learn and keep learning, like most people who liked to educate themselves, and learn, Darwin was willing to keep learning and educate himself. He was always researching and working out theories and trying to reinforce his ideas. 

     According to this site: I found this:
Darwin’s theory of natural evolution:
1. More individuals are produced, and then more will fight to survive.
2. Observing variation exists among individuals and then they vary which is heritable.    
3. Individuals with heritable traits better suited for the environment tend survive.
4. Reproductive isolation occurs and then new species will form.

     Did you know Charles Darwin had a disease? Darwin was bitten by a South American bug known to carry the parasitic disease. The disease may lie dormant for decades and emerge to cause digestive and even cardiac problems. The disease known as Chagas’ disease was probably the cause of his cardiac disease and Darwin’s death some 47 years later.

     Charles Darwin was vomiting after going to South America and doing this frequently. He was constantly sick, and always complaining about his stomach. 

      I learned this information from: and was quite shocked also to learn it was later called Darwin’s disease. 

     As you can well tell, Charles Darwin inherited a scientific life from his father. Then his own daughter took a toll, and he himself felt that there was no God after the fact. This made Darwin push further with his theories and pursue to prove that there was in fact no God. Darwin wanted to prove that Science was what created everything. He spent his life trying to prove this theory, until the day he died. 

My personal theory:

      I was raised protestant. I used to strongly believe that God was there, and I always prayed to Him. I still have my doubts. But my doubts are now as follows: If there is or was a God, then why would He make a commandment: “There shalt be no other God’s before me.”

     I feel that the reason that God said that is because of Mythology. Zeus, Medusa, and Hermes, and all of the other Gods, that whoever was our God that allegedly created our Earth, was a jealous and vindictive God, and He didn’t want us praying and praising anyone else. 

     Someone created our Earth, someone created the Universe. The timeline is wrong, and everything we were being taught is wrong. If you pay attention to everything being dug up and found now, then you too will see. The timelines, and everything they have ever tried to teach us, is all wrong. They have found piece of an Ark, and all kinds of things, including Dinosaurs. 

     Here is the thing: If we as humans wrote the Bible that God told us to write, we are not perfect ourselves. Think of this, we need editors. We make mistakes. When a person tells you a secret in your ear, and you tell a person in the room, and there are sixteen people in the room, by the time said secret gets back to you, I promise you it will be different. 

     My theory is that we are human, and we are not the first. We are changing our planet, as it spins away on its axis, and we are polluting it and ruining it, therefore we are changing everything. We are changing our DNA and we are ruining everything, just like we did in the past. 

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