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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Types of Community Corrections

Types of Community Corrections

Prepared By:
Deneale K Williams
Description:  Unsupervised Probation, one of the littlest of all evils of probation. Most preferred of all people and judges.

Purpose(s) served: Less serious crimes, and whereas the probation doesn’t require any type of supervision. Usually a punishment for petit theft, and crimes of the less serious nature.

1.     No jail time                                                               

2.   Freedom                                               

3.   Can still be employed

1.  Some sanctions

2.  Goes on your permanent record

3.  Sometimes you get checked up on when you least expect it
Name of punishment: Community Control

Description:  This is the same as house arrest, whereas the person on probation has an anklet on them allowing them to go to and from one or two destinations. (Random drug tests are still taken during this usually too)

Purpose(s) served: To keep track of the Criminal, because of the crime they committed has concluded that they are dangerous, however not dangerous enough to be put in jail, and/or the jails/prisons are too full at the moment therefore this is the best decision.

1.  Always known where you are

2.  Not in jail

3.  Able to work
1.  Not allowed/permitted to go any place you want

2.  Check in’s unscheduled

3.  No privacy

Name of punishment: Crime-Specific Types

Description:  Drug & sex offenses often require more serious action, such as counseling, and drug rehabilitation. There may also be computer management installed on the offender to keep track of the offender, and even rehabilitation, for both and/or the drug users and abusers.

Purpose(s) served: To repair the damages of the criminal, and change their ways.

1.  Possible cure

2.  Change & freedom

3.  Health and safety
1.  Could eventually cause death

2.  Suicide

3. Will not work
Name of punishment: Shock Probation

Description:  Offender is put in jail for a short sentence, in hopes of scaring the “prisoner” straight, and then put into probation afterwards.

Purpose(s) served: To teach the offender to learn from his/her mistakes and to change their ways.

1.  Learn from your mistakes           

2.  Lessons

3.  Lead by example
1.  On your record

2.  Scary

3.  Could back fire in more ways than one. Depends on person.


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