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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Becoming Familiar with the 4 Paradigms of Sociology

Becoming Familiar with the Four Paradigms of Sociology:

Identify the four major sociological theoretical paradigms.

1.      Functionalism:  (Macro Sociological)
a.       Functionalism can actually be also be interpreted as the relationship between all social groups, whether they are big or small. When change affects one, it will in turn cause a cause and effect scenario. 

                      Functionalism is also broken down into three different sub group as follows:

I.                    Manifest function:  the intended result
II.                 Latent function:  The unintended result
III.              Dysfunction: the harmful result

2.      Conflict theory:  (Macro Sociological)
a.       Conflict theory looks at all of life and societies inequalities.

3.      Symbolic Interaction (Micro Sociological)
a.       Symbolic Interaction is whereas how individuals interact with one another. This is not a predetermined element.

4.      Feminist Perspective: (Micro and Macro Sociological)
a.       Feminist Perspective looks at things through discrimination between men and women. This also looks at the efforts to overcome discrimination.

How does each of the above paradigms explain how society works with them?
In my own words:

1.      Functionalism: when a person starts tweeting about Donald Trump getting a perm and coloring his hair black, that tweet will trend. This is in turn called ‘trending.’ Someone will then end up hash-tagging it with something like this: #DonaldTrump #Perm #HairColor #WhatsUpWithThat?! And it will end up being a conversation starter. Therefore, this scenario is now a functionalism because it will have a cause and effect. Now, the end result was or would probably be a manifested result, not intended to cause harm, it would only be to cause #DonaldTrump views. Think about it. 

2.      Conflict theory. This time I will use Hillary Clinton. She wants you to vote for her, but Trump is getting a lot of attention, and the only thing people can associate her name with is crimes. Personally you mention the name Clinton to me, and the first thing I think of is blow job, no offense, but I tell it like it is. 

Anyway, So Hillary is trying to make her campaign seem like she is for and about Children. So she decides to donated three million dollars to “Save the Children” but they want to keep it on DL. She says, “If you want my money, you’re gonna make it known, and make a big deal about it, or I’ll donate it elsewhere.” Save the Children says that’s not how this works. So Hillary does not donate to them, instead she decides to give the three million to the missing children network. They will broadcast her donation, and give her the platform she needs to look good, so Hillary is happy.
Now this can go several ways mind you. I should by the way, remind you my paper is hypothetical. (For my protection I am stating this and that of the government officials!) 

Anyway, Save the Children uses a recorded line and could leak the call / threat from Hillary. That could be negative impact. This could be a result leading us back to III. Dysfunction. But that is also politics, sometimes bad press is good press. Regardless, Hillary made a donation, and received notice and justification for it, her goal. This is more ways than one, can become and be a conflict theory in the end.

3.      Symbolic Interaction, now this pertains to how we act with one another. Let’s go to the debate shall we? Let us recall the smirking from Hillary toward Trump. This reminded me of my own children and I considered this kind of like instigating. True, the goal is to see who is the wiser, and better person, but still. I am having a hard time trying to decide still, who I feel safer with, regarding my future. But; please remember- this is just my opinion.

4.      The Feminist Theory. This has gone on for years. This in my opinion, will be a debate for all times, it even happened in biblical times, and the cave man times. There will always be an issue with who wears the pants in the family, and who is the better sex.

Which paradigm do you relate to best? This is a tough one, because as a reviewer I am known to start things and trends myself online. I love social media, I will not lie. However, I would have to say, number three, symbolic interaction. I try to think first, but don’t always. However, I think that is probably me, maybe.

How can you use this particular paradigm to explain your decision to attend college? Well, let’s put it this way. I am having a total knee replacement on October 18th. Yep, during this class. I spoke with the counselor, she knows. And I weighed my options, and then I discussed it with my husband. I have finally finished my core classes, and now I have only CJ classes left, which is what I have been anxiously waiting for. And I truly love it here, and I love School. So, with this said, I decided not to take any time off, other than a week, and continue my education. So week four I will probably be out. But, I guess maybe? It would be functionalism with the I. the intended result. I mean, I have low grades ONLY in math, otherwise my grades are all A’s. It hurts me deeply that I will be out a week, but allegedly I can miss a week and still survive. Mind you my posts for week four will be up in advance. Just sayin… 

Which of the four major research methods would you use, and how, to explore why adult students choose to return to college? This again, I would say would again be Functionalism, because it is something they need to determine whether it is right for them, however I also think they need to research their life, goals and what not’s as well. But the function one, because they need to see if they can in fact make it ‘function.’

What are the benefits and flaws of the particular method you chose for your imaginary study? My study was politics, as you can well enough see. Because politics is on my mind, and I am having a hard time deciding what and who to put in charge of my future. Every time I think I have the right person in mind, something else comes up. Now don’t get me wrong, I know with politics, they both lie, and point fingers. Allow me to let you know, I do my own research as well. I know that my one vote will not cause the Country cause and effect. In all honesty: I do not think any of our votes have much impact, because Congress can change everything if they want to. I think they honestly out rank US- just like they do the President.

Resources and research:
The Four Paradigms of Sociology

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