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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sociology: Deviance

Sociology: Deviance

  1. Review the section on Asch's Research from your textbook. Describe why the individuals in the Asch experiment usually gave the same answer when they probably knew that it was wrong. How do social control and social bonding explain conformity?
a.       (pg 155) For starters this was 1955-56. In this time frame, many were not sure if their opinions would even be validated, let alone valuable.
b.      It became uncomfortable for the people to give the wrong answers, but they felt they had to be uniform.
c.       Back then, it was thought that they had to do it, today it just people following suit. Some to do it just because,, some do it because they don’t know right from wrong, (legitimately.) and some do it just to be followers rather than leaders.

  1. While the pressure to conform is intense, people continue to deviate. Using either Merton’s Strain Theory or Becker’s Labeling Theory, explain why some people choose to become deviant.
a.       For starters deviant to some if a way of discharge, so let’s start with that as point a.
b.      Many consider being deviant as a way to rebel and act or lash out against something or someone.
c.       Being deviant for some is to follow, they are not a leader, so they are just following someone else doing the same thing.
d.      Some chose to be deviant because they need to make a name for themselves, thus a label.

  1. Finally, major crimes occur in our society. Pick a current event (local or national) and describe the crime. Analyze the crime in terms of Durkheim’s four major functions of deviance.
Hurricane Matthew

    As a person who just underwent and survive Hurricane Matthew, I seen on the news here locally whereas people were attempting to loot closed business.
    Because it was deviant, and wrong, the counties decided to put a curfew on the local and surrounding counties. Those that were out after those curfews without logical explanations were arrested.
    Many stores were boarded up, some had duct taped windows, and some were just closed.
     But as Newscasters were airing the news, it didn’t stop ‘hooligans’ from acting out right behind the cameras while Police were right there, and they were even able to be heard, and seen, and caught on tape.
     I personally watched Fox 35, I live in Cocoa, Florida. I cannot remember the blonde female newscasters name, as she stood there under a hoodie, trying to do her newscast with her camera man wiping off the camera as people acted out behind her. They didn’t seem to care.
     It was made public later, they were arrested. Now mind you, this is not a major crime, but it was rude, and disruptive. They were cleaning out several stores while people were suffering a storm, and going without. These people were taking from someone, a local business. Maybe this business had insurance, maybe it didn’t. It doesn’t matter, but what it was- was deviant and wrong.

     According to Durkheim the things I found were as follows:
I.                    Deviance clarifies rules
II.                 Deviance unites a group
III.              Deviance promotes social change
IV.              Civil disobedience

The main things I found in my topic of choice, was civil disobedience. They also were disobedient to the rules. Also they were their own little group of ‘hooligans.’ The weather promoted the social change.


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