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Monday, March 13, 2017

Deterrence: ther Motorcycle Helmet

Deterrence: the Motorcycle Helmet

     First, I would like to define the word deterrence, as defined by Merriman and Webster, online:

:  the act or process of deterring: as
a :  the inhibition of criminal behavior by fear especially of punishment
b :  the maintenance of military power for the purpose of discouraging attack

     Let’s bring to your attention Motorcycles. Let us think for a moment just how small they are, and hard to see, and unsafe when a semi runs into one, or even another vehicle. Let us think about the person on the motorcycle.
     There isn’t a lot of protective gear for the driver of the motorcycle, and a lot of ways to keep said driver safe, no matter how you look at it.
     When the semi loses control, and there are a bunch of vehicles involved, no one see’s that little motorcycle. No one can really keep track of it, and where it is headed. Sure it can sometimes whip in and out and through the traffic, and even a wreck as it is happening, but it isn’t always as fast as we sometimes think either.
     And just how often do you see motorcyclists driving around without helmets now of days? More often than not. They don’t want to mess up their hair, or sweat. But in all reality, that helmet, at least the D.O.T. helmets are a lot safer than the decorative ones.
     Back in the “Old days” helmets were mandatory all of the time. And it was better that way. And it needs to return that way again.
     This is not meant as punishment, but as a safety factor for all involved. Protection and safety are the key factors here.
     Currently, here in Florida, helmets are not required for drivers and riders over the age of 21, “as long as” you carry a 10,000 deductible in medical insurance.
     The new law should require that you adhere to D.O.T. helmet and wear it as passenger or driver at all times. You should still carry the insurance, just as any other driver.
     The punishment for not adhering to this law, will of course be a warning for the first offense.  Second offense will be a fine of $100. Third offense $300 and your motorcycle license will be suspended for thirty days. Fourth offense will $600 and your motorcycle license will be suspended for sixty days, fifth offense $1000 fine and your motorcycle license will be suspended for one year. The sixth offense will be a court hearing with can result to jail time, depending on the judge.
     We do see many motorcyclists not adhering to this, because as stated: many people feel the helmet does not provide safety. When we interviewed several cyclists, some have stated; “All the helmet does is catch and hold all the brains.”
     When interviewing several people, who don’t drive motorcyclists here is what they had to say: “We have to wear seat belts, why shouldn’t motorcycle drivers have to wear something for safety too?!” A 25-year-old male.
     “I think they should wear helmets! The way they drive fast and weave in out between cars scares me! They are always making me apply the brake because of the way the drive, and I’m required to watch for them?!” An elderly lady with her husband.
     A motorcyclist who does where a D.O.T. helmet: “I have always worn my helmet. It has saved my life two times. Once I was hit from behind and flew through the back window of the next car. The paramedic said I would’ve been dead if I hadn’t had it on. The other time, I slid on water, and fell to the side. Lost control on my own. I twisted all up. Again, my helmet saved me. I feel helmets save lives.” A 43-year-old motorcycle driver in Ohio.
     Look at this in the factor of safety and protection for all persons involved. I feel that this deterrence is a positive action, and should be taken as such. I do feel there will be people who will argue this new concept, as with any.
      It might be a wise choice to vote on this law, to see what the people think of it first. It also might be a wise choice for those to research the wrecks and statistics of helmets with and without. Commercials could tend to get a bit gory, if used to advertise this for a law, but it would help to get the facts across.
     There are a lot of motorcyclists out there, some use them for hobby, and some use them to save gas, as a way for transportation. No matter what the case may be, the goal is safety. The road is not safe for anyone, because not everyone looks out for one another. So, let’s put a little more protection out there, while we still can.
     Thank you.

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