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Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Kind of Person Are YOU?

What Kind of Person Are YOU?

     Today there happens to be debate among sociologists about the extent to which we as a population in our great Nation share core values. Robin M. Williams Jr. identified 10 core values in 1970 and most are still very valid today. (pg.67) For instance: ethnocentrism and group superiority, which means valuing your own race or ethnic group above all else. (Pg. 67)

                Racism and bigotry are something that we should have outgrown long ago. But yet it still happens. I feel that this should be something we should be able to walk away from, but no, it is something we will never be able to. 

                I am highly against ethnocentrism and group superiority, I feel this is something that causes a lot of hatred in the World, much less our Country.

       Individualism is as important today as it was in the 70’s and will be just as important in generations to come. Individualism is explained by R. M. Williams Jr. as a person responsible for their own success or failure and that if you fail you have only yourself to blame. (pg. 67) 

                Each and every one of us, are our own person, and should be able to make a difference in our own way.

     Achievement and success is defined as personal success through competition with others.   

                 With achievement and success, people will feel more motivated to become and do things, and succeed in their life, in their jobs, and be motivated to become something and someone.

Activity and work are important in order to succeed. Without work there obviously wouldn’t be any progress. 

                 With activity and work, come leisure as well. However, let us not forget people are judged by how much they work, and how much they rest. Human nature is to compete, and judge.

     To this day, we still have this belief that Science and technology will solve everything in time.

                Scientists try to prolong life, cure diseases, rebuild body parts, and everything to make man more perfect, in every way. 
      Progress and material comfort comforts are always going to be needed medical care, and nutrition are always going to be in demand. 

                 These will always be relevant as well as warranted and wanted. We need to progress in order to advance, material comfort in order to be happy.

      Efficiency and practicality we are still trying to create the most efficient light bulb, and make better ways to conserve powers, and electrics. We are trying to better ourselves, we aren’t great at it, but we are learning.

     Equality is something we have wanted to since the 20’s when women tried to earn their rights to vote and become equal. To this day, there is always something we need and want to be equal.

     Morality and humanitarianism basic human decency and will always be valid no matter what generation it is. This is where we want to help one another, and know we want what is best for one another, it may not be right, but it may be the best.

   Freedom and Liberty: United we stand, one nation Under God.

   What do I most relate to? Morality and Humanism. I give the coat off of my back to help others, while others will not for me, I will always do for them. I could care less if I go without, just so long as everyone else, and around me is happy.


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