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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cyber Crime & Cyber Bullying

.Cyber Crime & Cyber Bullying

  1. Give the topic or issue you will research.
Cyber Crime & Cyber Bullying
  1. Give the place (community, city, state) and the people affected.
The On Line Community (which is basically everywhere)
  1. Explain how the issue is problematic. Can reasonable people agree or disagree about the concern?
     Just about anyone will and can see pros and cons with the internet. In the beginning the internet was a like the best thing around, and to this day, yes- there are good things about it. But as with anything good, there are people and ways to ruin it. And to this day, the government is still learning how to fight against cyber terrorism and cyber bullying.
     People put into the internet their passwords, and pass codes, and bank card information, do their online banking, purchase things online, and sit quietly at home more now than they ever used to. People used to drive to the library, now the library can be uploaded to a devise. And while all of this is being done, there are people who sit idly by who can infiltrate that and obtain all of your information and use it against you.
     Not to mention, now we have also built a web to socialize where anyone can be anyone and anything they want. You can be fifty, and look thirteen. Pedophiles can seek out children without leaving their home. And people and places seeking help, and asking for money, are not always what they seem, even charities. And young people, and even adults new to the cyber world, don’t know these things right off the bat. Sometimes there are even people who believe everything they read and hear.
      “The World is coming to an end! Donate all of your money now here!”
      Yes, there are people who have to learn lessons the hard way. And there are even people whom are gullible and think they have real friends, and maybe they do. But those real friends can sometimes even turn on them, because they feel safer behind a monitor, then they do in person. And they think you won’t and can’t do anything. So cyber crime, cyber bullying, and cyber terrorism all grew out of hand at top speeds.
  1. Explain how the issue is significant. Is the problem important enough to need further understanding?
      As a person who has witnessed several Judges unable and unsure how to resolve and understand, let alone how to deal with cyber bullying and cyber crime; I think it is a problem that needs looked into big time. When the Police come to your home, and are unsure what to do, this also proves something needs done. When the Government is uncertain what tactics and measures to take and to use when things happen, this to me makes me think it is high time to investigate and do something. It proves it is out of control, and they obviously don’t know what to do with the problem, and how to resolve it. The F.B.I likes to pretend they have it under control, but they too- do not.
  1. Explain why the issue interests you personally. Do you have personal concerns?
     I am a Survivor, not just a Victim of Cyber Bullying and Cyber Crime. My identity was published online for all to see, along with my weight, age, phone number, driver license number, social security number and anything else you can imagine by a person within my own State, but on the other side of said State. It was published on and the owner of the site who claims or pretends to live overseas wouldn’t take my information down for several weeks. By the time my information was removed, another site had mirrored it, and that site would not remove it either.

     Cyberbullying Report is on Twitter, they have since blocked me, pretending they are the victim. Because I forced them to remove a report they didn’t want to remove and enjoyed the publicity from. Their site enables users to post anything they want about anyone naming them as bullies. Said person posted information about me when I finally quit giving her money. Long story short, (this is the best I can do to shorten this!) I was her friend, and I gently let her down by “pretending” my husband had been laid off by NASA, which yes he does work there. But I had been lending her monies here and there, and led to believe she was sick and dying of Cancer.      \
      One day, my husband and I investigated her further to learn she was in fact a party girl, partying it up at bars all over town. And as you can guess, she was not dying. Rather than cause problems, and let her know we discovered anything about her, we just came up with a gentle let down scenario. When I did it, she went off on me, and called me names, and told me if I didn’t continue to give her money she would make my life a living (insert bad word here). And she did.
      I tried to get an injunction on her. It was denied. She imitated me, hers was denied. I tried again, because she was posting all kinds of stuff online about me. Taking my photos and putting them on nudes. It was terrible. My next injunction was denied again. She filed again, and pretended her life was in danger, as were her Children. (Children she didn’t even have custody of.) As soon as she was granted the temporary, (this happens while the Judge reviews it to see if he will grant it or not) she used to text herself a threatening text from my number. Posts on my twitter and facebook proved I was home and online at the same time. I was ordered to appear for her injunction, and was arrested in the court room for texting her.
      While being cuffed she told the Police that my husband had an invalid CDL and that our car insurance was void. They proceed to take him in, now he cannot go to get me out on bail. He and I are both in separate rooms being held hostage. (Yes, I said hostage, because the case against my husband is big time fraud, he has to have a CDL in his line of work and our insurance is always paid just for him to work! BOOM!)

     The officer I was with ask me about my case, I told her about the woman harassing me, and that she has a dual identity. When I told her the woman’s other identity the officer nearly fell over. She instantly became irate, and demanded to speak with her superior, and told her superior my case. I am not kidding. This is how bad this person is, and that the officer remembered the woman, and knows just how the bad the woman is.
     My bail was thirty thousand. Yes, you read that right. I was arrested for stalking. I spent the night and another day in jail for made up crap that I didn’t even do. I slept on a concrete floor with a brand new porcelain hip and it hurt so bad. The inmates treated me well, especially when I explained everything. I was arrested in the County where my Stalker lives, and everyone knew and knows of her. She has a lot of enemies, and a reputation. No one believed anything about her, and it was coming from my mouth. 

     In Court, she brought a dolly of 8 bins of alleged paperwork. The Judged laughed at her. I have a real Attorney, one I paid for. She didn’t expect that. She put on a scene that she was sick and dying and needed medical attention. And the Judge said and I quote: “The only medical attention I think you need is mental.”
     This charge is still on my record, and this woman still harasses me to this day. No one and nothing can and will for anything about it, or her. I ignore her. I have for quite some time. But there are some very crude and nasty things about me on the web out there, untrue and shameful. And because of it, last year our taxes were stolen. So now we have had that to deal with. The only thing fortunate about this though, is now the IRS in involved.
     So yes, I think this is a big deal. I am fifty years old, and this has been going on for five years now. I am a Christian, and the woman was honestly my friend, for about a year. I trusted her. I try to help people, especially if I have enough money, at the time to do so. Being victimized like this, has gone on too far, and long enough. I don’t want it to happen to others, I am strong, someone not as strong as I am; may take their life over some of what I have been through. And trust me: you don’t know everything. Not even close. But if you can imagine it, chances are, I’ve dealt with it.
     Too many people choose suicide as a way out, and it happens more often than not over cyber bullying, and I was almost there several times. If I was almost there….just think about others.
      This is why this important. Because I know others have chose suicide over this. And suicide is not the answer when this can be stopped!

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