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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Applying the Positive Theory to Four Crimes

Applying Positive Theory

Here are the crimes:

  1. Burglary/theft—the offender broke into three houses and stole electronics and money.
  2. Aggravated battery—the offender attacked a victim and caused significant injury.
  3. Possession of controlled substance—the offender possessed two ounces of marijuana and 20 prescription pain killers (without a prescription).
  4. Stalking—the offender followed or contacted someone repeatedly, causing fear.

Auguste Comte studied the positive philosophy in 1830. He even wrote about its affects and studies, and many of people have used these theories to ascertain if it was effective or not.
In this paper, I am going to be the Judge, and give you my input. From there I will ask that you review my thoughts, and respond with your insight.
A.    Burglary/theft-the offender broke into three houses and stole electronics and money.

     To look at this in a positive theory, I could look at said person’s record, and see if they were financially suffering and unstable. Let’s say for instance, that this person has Children and a house payment long over-due, and are in the process of being evicted. Said criminal has applied for assistance, and is waiting for help. Said criminal has been putting in applications, and is also a single parent, and the absent parent is not paying child support. In this instance, you see a reason for the action, but as we all know, for every action, there is a reaction. As a Criminal Justice Major, I do not think the crime should go unpunished. Yes, however I understand why the crime happened, because I have been down this very same road. But I would’ve never done this. I always put my faith in God. But that is just me. This person has or had no faith. So they decided to take action. If this was their first time offense, I would give them something like thirty days in jail, and probation. I would also involve child services in their life, because someone needs to teach them how to properly handle their finances. Just because the absent parent isn’t paying, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. There are food banks and churches. I understand many of us have friends and family that will not help, but it does not hurt to ask. The worst that can happen is they say no. Jobless, there are job sites, and places that will help with that too. Instead you chose to become a criminal? Not a good choice. I still feel a lesson needs taught. I feel that with the positive philosophy, teaching this first time criminal, we can instill a learning experience into said person.

      Now what if this person was a re-offender? I feel a simple slap on the wrist is not the answer here. I feel that obviously you are not learning your lesson. I feel the only solution is a harder lesson. Look at whatever sentence was served upon said person the last
 time, and at the very least double it. The lesson here is to teach this criminal to stop, and this time while they are incarcerated, also teach them that being a career criminal is not the proper road to go down.

B.     Aggravated battery—the offender attacked a victim and caused significant injury.

     Looking at this crime, makes me think of where I live. This is not right, but it is how the law works around here: the person, who calls in the complaints, is the one who gets away with whatever happened. Even if the person calling in the complaint, is the guilty party. And no, I am not kidding. This is how it works here. First to call, wins. This works with anything: domestic violence, assault and battery, you name it. Right or wrong, no one seems to care either. Dispatch looks at who called, and that is who the victim is. Plain and simple.

      So from this stand point, I will look at it from this angle. I am being beaten by my neighbor who has his phone in his hand. He has blackened my eye, and busted my nose. I finally managed to swing back and busted his lip, and knocked out his tooth. In the meantime, like I said, I have a black eye, broken nose, and now several broken knuckles from punching his tooth out. I also have several scrapes from the ground where he drug me around. He calls the police. I don’t have my phone because he knocked it out my hand. Therefore he called, not me. Mind you, I was on my property, he came into my yard, and attacked me. The police arrest me. He has bloody knuckles, from beating me, and they photograph us both. He doesn’t get arrested; he claims to be the victim. They don’t even want to hear my story. I am a woman, home alone, on my property. He is a big bulky Hispanic man. He called the police. They don’t even investigate. As far as they’re concerned case closed. Now you tell me. What would you do in this case?!

     It’s my first charge, Aggravated battery. Never have I been charged with anything like this in my life. I’m 45 years old. He’s 23. The Judge looks at us both, and say’s “Something isn’t right here…..Case dismissed.” He reviewed the photos and documentation from the lousy police officers. Needless to say, there is still an arrest on my record, thank you very much. (This is my neighbor’s story.)

     Positive philosophy? I am positive that the Police don’t always want to do their jobs, and sometimes they just don’t care about who is right or who is wrong. Want to know why they didn’t care about this case? Because it was in a trailer park. People don’t matter when they live in trailer parks, most ninety percent of the time. Think about this. How often do you hear people make fun of people who live in trailer parks?! Even if they live in the 55 and older ones, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still a trailer park. The lesson here: Judging and labeling. The man was Hispanic and the woman, just so you know, was also a heavy weight person that no one liked.

     At least the Judge did his homework, and thoroughly read the case, before making a decision based on the bias of the Police.

  1. Possession of controlled substance—the offender possessed two ounces of marijuana and 20 prescription pain killers (without a prescription).

     No offense, but I am someone who has never been on drugs. I was born and raised drug free, as also will I die.

     However, as a person whom has had a hip, knee, shoulder and ankle replacement-I can proudly tell you- pain pills are something that you do end up needing after surgery.

     And with proper investigation, I have learned that marijuana also helps people with things like glaucoma and lupus and other ailments including and not limited to fibromyalgia, as well as other ailments.

     Many states are trying to legalize marijuana as we speak.

     I feel that if said person was caught with these, and it was their first offense, and we knowingly know that they legally have a condition that entails them to need these substances, they need to be given help immediately. Whatever it is that they need. Whether it is rehab, counseling, guidance, or something. A firm hand isn’t always the answer for a first offense, trust me. I have been there.

     If this is a person who is a constant re-offender, they need put into a rehab facility that they cannot break out of. After said time, they need put on parole, with weekly urine analysis. And they need watched, to be certain that they aren’t buying someone’s urine. I realize what I am stating is costly, but let’s get real: it’s time to clean up this World. It’s the only one we have.

     Positive Philosophy?

     I feel that many who are on drugs were led to it. And I mean the career criminal on drugs. They either have a family member on drugs, or a best friend who guided them on the path, who are to blame. As I have often stated: Children learn what they live.

  1. Stalking—the offender followed or contacted someone repeatedly, causing fear.

     I honestly see no positive philosophy about stalking. In fact, everything about stalking makes my blood boil.
     I was and still am a victim of stalking, and while I tried to file charges on the person, every time I did so, they in turn filed on me once my case was denied. Then the next time, while the case was pending for review, said person used an application called to text themselves and pretend it was me. Because the injunction was a temporary one, and the Judge hadn’t reviewed the case yet, I was immediately arrested and put in jail. Yes, this case is really me, and real. While I was being arrested, said person pretended my husband didn’t have a valid CDL & called the police on him to have him “held” by the police and investigated so that he couldn’t get my bail or bond set up. Said person posted my Social security number, address, weight, phone number, and drivers license online for all to see. The web site in question was It took days to have it removed. Another site mirrored it, and kept it up. Went to file my taxes this year, and someone already did, with my number. Want to guess who? This is still ongoing, and I had to report my Attorney to the bar association, because he won’t do his job, and close out this case. It is still open, and the State Attorney has found nothing on me, and has said so. The Judge told us, my Attorney and myself, to sue her, that we were the victims. That there is money to be made. Yet my attorney won’t do anything, and tells me “It’s just not that easy.” So you see, my philosophy on stalking? It needs thoroughly investigated and the Judges needs to learn what to do, and how to properly investigate it, and how to handle it. It has nothing to do with “He said she said.” Just thoroughly investigate it. When the state attorney has no proof, then there is no crime. Case closed. Therefore, I am the victim, not her. And now, even the IRS can tell you, I am the victim.
     How do you prevent someone from stalking any further? I have no clue, because I am not this person’s first victim and I will not be her last. She has more identities then any one person I have ever met, and the Government, and IRS know it. Obviously, they enjoy seeing this woman torture people. She has had numerous injunctions on her, including by her husband, Mother, and Sister and yet society doesn’t find her dangerous? Yeah…ok.
     Positive Philosophy is not a solution for everyone, not every crime is the same, just as every person is not the same. If every person and every crime were the same, this World would be a boring place. 
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