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Thursday, March 30, 2017

An English Essay: An Insight into Cyber Bullying

An English Essay:
An Insight into Cyber Bullying

     When technology was brought to light, a new crime wave came with it. With that came a whole new learning experience and ways to learn how to exterminate it. All these changes came at once, startling Officials, and forcing unexpected changes that needed to happen rapidly. Technology may have been meant to improve our lives, but at the same time, it caused problems as well. As with anything there are pro’s and con’s. The world was forced to realize these affects, and make changes, and work together to make them. Cyber crime has a list of many crimes, within that list is: cyber bullying one of the biggest problems.

     With the inventions of technology came many new crime waves along with it. Not all crimes may be known to most, because they aren’t as well known or common. With each crime, results reactions from those affected. Said results include: Depression, anger, loss of work, and even suicides. Much of my research was more enlightening than I had anticipated. The Megan Meier foundation opened my eyes to this: . (This includes the stats on the above mentioned research.) 

      In the near future I hope more laws are brought forward to end this compiling problem with Cyber crime and cyber bullying.

     The internet in itself is a big world and a never ending new experience to explore and learn and do new things. A whole new adventure with things and worlds to discover, places to see, things to learn, and ways to get into trouble.
     When you have a person who is stuck at home, whether be a bored house wife, stay at home Mom, or even a criminal on house arrest- this leads to an open door for exploring this strange new world, and getting into a whole new form of trouble.
     What was meant, and hoped to be a helpful technique, something to enable those stuck at home, and benefit the economy and government, and even the people, does seem to help in many ways, but at the same time- it also causes issues as well.
     As with anything, there are pro’s and con’s, and a learning experience. But with this, everyone hoped that the people would see the benefits, and advantages, and want to grow with it, and use it, rather than cause more of a nuisance and hindrance.
     Unfortunately, cyber crime grew and became more of a nuisance than ever even anticipated. Cyber bullying became a new rage, affecting the lives of children, teens and even adults. Officials were blown away with reports, and unable to keep up, and didn’t even know how to handle them.
     Sadly, so many reports were coming in, not only did people not know how to handle them, many times, cases were tossed aside and not even believed. Parents didn’t know how to handle the situations when their Children were the ones doing it, nor did they know how to handle it when their Children were the victims.
     Cases managed to get out of hand, Children and teens committed suicide and felt that they no longer could handle the situation, because it was too out of control; and too much to handle. In turn, this too caused even further depression, pain and loss for even more people.
     Computer programs get created to incriminate people further, making crime rates even worse. Such as programs that you can enter a phone number into the computer and text any individual and claim they texted you, or anyone else for that matter, and claim the text is a threat and proceed with criminal charges or claims, that are false. Example:
     Sites are also created to report bullying and bullies, whether be online or offline bullies, and no evidence is required. Simply submit your information, and the person whom you wish to incriminates information, and enter it. The information then gets posted to a twitter site, and mirrored to several other sites. Twitter handle is @CyberBullyingReport page has since been deleted (I believe, however my IP address is blocked from said site because I reported said site to the FBI) was then: and I dealt with said site owner who claimed I needed to sue him to have my social security number, driver license, phone number, postal address, weight, (plus three hundred pounds) birthday, and more removed.
     Cyber bullying is out of control, so much so that when it is brought in front of Judges, they aren’t sure how to handle it. Injunctions are over turned, because they have to follow protocol and protocols have yet to be written. In the meantime, you learn to file cyber bullying injunctions as a stalking injunction in order for it to take effect. How do I know this? I am living proof. I have been cyber bullies for well over five years now, and continued to be cyber bullied to this day. The Judge when we entered the Court room did not know how to handle any of it, and it is on record as his saying such. We were his first case, and he also knew nothing of Twitter, and never even heard of cyber bullying.

     I once reviewed a great video on fox news that helped me see how they would like to clean up and stop cyber crime: I found said video worth sharing.
     If you have ever wanted to know: What do bullies do? A question everyone has:
     My most relevant research was learning all the forms of cyber crime through the South University library, with this book: Singh, P (2007) Laws on Cyber Crimes: Along with it Act and Relevant Rules. This book was truly enlightening to me in more ways than one, and I was glad to have found it.
     To those of you whom think Cyber bullying is not an issue, and you just can walk away, or turn the computer off – think again. Yes, my husband told me the same thing when it first started, even he thought that. But it just isn’t that simple.
      Not when you have a head strong cyber bully, who will search you out, and create new screen names, find you when you delete yours and start over. Find you when you block them, and even find a way, an opening into your life through that once person who will let them in. Because trust and believe there is always someone who will talk negative about you, whom you think is your friend, who really is not. And sometimes, they are even family. Beware, and always trust your instincts.

     Changing your number, turning off the screen, blocking, deleting is not always as simple as everyone thinks. And those that think it’s just that simple haven’t had it happen to them.
     And the law is just now learning how to deal with and handle these situations. And some of the Judges aren’t even familiar with technology and some of the things happening, but they are slowly learning.
     Learn everything you can if you get online, and if your Children get online, teach them how to be safe too. Be prepared, and play it safe. Never trust anyone, because they are safe behind a monitor. And if they are safe behind a monitor, they think no one can get to them.
     That is all about to change…..

References:  info: Web site designed to report any and all bullies of all forms  Twitter handle: @CyberBullyingReport 

Singh, P (2007) Laws on Cyber Crimes: Along with it Act and Relevant Rules. (South University Library) Web Site designed to created texts and send them to people anonymously and secretively from a computer

Megan Meier foundation stats on cyber bullying: Web Site designed by to explain what bullies do. (Site also explains how and where to get up)

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