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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Drug Testing And TANF

Drug Testing And TANF

I. Drug Testing and TANF. (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) The cost effectiveness, and reasoning behind the drug testing. Is it even helping?

II. Cost Effectiveness
    A. Tax Payers pay for the tests
         1. A lot of money being spent on tests, labs, etc
         2. Not all results are exact science and can be argued in court
         3. Charges can be filed on those who fail the test
         4. Who pays for the help the person gets? Taxpayer/insurance
    B. TANF recipients pay for the tests first
         1.  If they pass the test the money is refunded to them
         2.  If they fail the test they are charged
         3. Who pays for the help the recipient get? Taxpayer/insurance

III. Affects entire families
     A. Both parents, or one parent can end up put in jail, or rehab
     B.  Children can end up in foster care
     C.  Impairment, Suicides, Neglect, Child Abuse, Counseling
              1. More costs piling up for taxpayers and insurance agencies

IV. Fraud
     A. People have been known to purchase urine, or products to clean their urine to pass tests, because they are given advance warning to take their tests
          1. Tests are incorrect, even when people are in fact still doing drugs
          2. People continue to do drugs, and don’t care
          3. Those that get caught get help
          4. Who pays for the help received? Taxpayer/Insurance

V.   The Fourth Amendment
      A. Many states are turning to the fourth amendment for protection, feeling that the rights of its people are being violated. The right to search and seizure.
           1. This allows the people to continue using, dealing, selling drugs, behind the scenes and receiving benefits. The Government will have to find another way to discover how the people are doing their drugs, and buying them, using them, etc.

VI.  In the end, the Government has its laws, and in some states it is now allowing the purchase of marijuana by prescription. Therefore, it is becoming legal in some states, and several other states are trying to get it legalized as well.

However, drugs and drug paraphernalia continue to be a big problem. People are dying daily, and many are in rehab, from everyday people, to the famous people we idolize on television.

It needs to stop, people need to realize that because they are depressed, or hurting, or having a bad day, or whatever is going on, or wrong in their life- that drugs are not the solution to their problem.

People also need to realize, that they shouldn’t be spending their food stamps, and/or cash benefits on buying illegal drugs. The tax payers are not helping people out, so in the long run, ‘the people’ can buy weed, and paraphernalia.

Drug testing and TANF is a big concern, not only for the tax payers, but for the people as well. It is something everyone needs to be concerned with, because it is affecting everyone.

The people doing these drugs, truly need to look at who all they are affecting, and on the same token, the people doing the testing, and trying to resolve this situation, need to look at the cause and effect. Is it worth it in the end? And is there a better step that can be taken? And how do you keep fighting a never ending battle especially when the states are going to be allowing drugs in the long run. How can we stop what is over taking our great nation?

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