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Thursday, March 2, 2017

President Trump Closes the Borders & Makes a Wall

President Donald Trump Closes the Borders of the United States of America

     When I first heard that newly elected Donald J. Trump decided to close the borders to our great nation, I knew that it would cause a lot of recourse. 

      Before giving you any further details, allow me to share with you what I found when I decided to research the information online. The first place that I found had 77,888 views today as I write this on February 19, 2017. People are making more than just noise over this event. The page: as it states: ‘Trump: I’ll close the borders ‘in my first day.’ From the site This he vowed when he was just a candidate, and yet once he was elected into office, and did just that. Exactly what he promised. 

      So, for those of you who are acting like: “Where did this come from?” You knew he was going to do it, you voted for him, and he made it a promise. At least he upheld one of his promises, not many of the promises that candidates make get kept. Were you not expecting him to keep any of them? 
      "People can come into our country, but only legally. I will close up those borders," added Trump in his video answer, returning to an issue that accompanied his initial jump to the top of polls. Quoted per the above-mentioned site to interviewer. 

      On January 28, 2017 posted an article whereas approved refugees who were already authorized to enter the United States were being detained because of Presidents Trump closing of the borders. The article is located here: .

      The ban eliminated entry from seven Middle Eastern Countries. It became apparent immediately after the order went into effect Friday when reports emerged of refugees, green card holders and foreign nationals with otherwise valid visas suddenly finding themselves unable to enter our great country, found themselves persecuted. 

       “Denying thousands of the most persecuted refugees the chance to reach safety is an irresponsible and dangerous move that undermines American values and imperils our foreign relations and national security.” the International Refugee Assistance Project said in a statement of its own in response to President Trumps order.
      Here is my opinion: I know that we have the issue of 9/11. I know that we have a problem with illegals entering our great country. 

      We here in the United States supply everyone every time they go to war. My question is this? Why do we do that? Why should we do that? Just because we can? In the meantime, we pay for imported fuel. We also have all our products, TV’s and VCR’s that come from China, cars that come from Germany. We need to make and employ our own people. 

      Donald Trump is trying to protect his people. And everyone is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. He is not trying to vindictive. If you read the commenters from people, the comments are fifty/fifty. But that is how people are, opinionated. And we all see differently, and always will. That is one of the things great about our country. Freedom of speech. At least for now, we are entitled to it.
     Then we have the Mexican Wall: The wall will be 1600 km long. About 1000 km already has fences and borders. President Trump claims that Mexico will help pay for it, it may be a complicated format, but they will pay for it in due time. He claims that Mexico will pay back the U.S. one hundred percent of the costs.

      Trump claims the wall will benefit both the United States and Mexico. It will stop, or at least slow down the drug cartel as well as illegal US Immigrants coming into the United States and into Mexico complicating both countries. 

     American’s are complaining because they think our tax dollars are paying for this, and even if it was or is, do you think they should complain for something that is benefiting them? Especially since eventually we the United States are to be reimbursed.

     All the information about the Mexican border can be found here: including who will pay for it.

     Estimates for the wall have varied, per the site I have just linked. The first one Mr. Trump told MSNBC that he proposed he could finish the wall for eight billion. Many of the estimates later down the road are far higher. 

     The existing border fence cost around two point four billion. To build the rest of it, it would range from fifteen to twenty-five billion. Now this does not include continued maintenance of the fencing.        
     Who will pay for it? Per Donald Trump: the Mexicans. Per Mexico they have been quoted as saying: “Not a chance.”

     Donald Trump claims he knows the art of negotiating and that he can handle this. My opinion: in the long run, I guess time will tell.

     What do American’s really think about the closing of the borders?
     Polling has shown that American’s are less in favor of building a fence.

     Polling shown that regarding immigrating when ask one person said to return the person back to their own country, while others were willing to create a pathway to citizenship. This was done through several years of two thousand and twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen. And the results were the same. One thousand two hundred and twenty-seven people were interviewed. 

     Although this does not by far speak for the entire country, it shows varied results. Not all people are holding grudges for things like 9/11.

     There are people fighting back against President Trump:
     Quoted from website: “Amnesty International’s “I Welcome” campaign protects the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum by documenting human rights abuses and pressing governments to do their fair share to address this humanitarian crisis. In the U.S., Amnesty International is working to protect refugee resettlement programs and access to asylum at the U.S southern border, in particular the harsh practice of automatically detaining children and their mothers who are seeking asylum and other practices that undermine meaningful access to protection.”

     President Trump suspended the United States refugee program as one of his executive orders, closing the door on thousands of people seeking asylum from religious, political and ethnic persecution worldwide.

     Do you know just how many refugees we have help and admitted in the past? Allow me to tell you! The refugee admissions have dropped since 1975 from 146,158 in 1975, when 135,000 came from Asia, to 84,995 in 2016, when four out of five refugees came from Africa and the Near East or South Asia, per the State Department. These are people we have taken in and changed their lives! 

     Do you think the President has this kind of power? “Yes, he does, for security reasons. A president has the power to shut down the refugee program completely, bringing the number of refugees to zero, without any justification or approval from Congress. Federal law allows for a president to bar entry to any immigrant “or any class” of immigrants if the president deems them “detrimental to the interests of the United States, and to "impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate," according to the law.” Quoted from
     Could this ban cause us problems? Well according to this site, a majority of our Doctors are immigrants: twenty eight percent in fact. That is more than a quarter of the physicians and surgeons in the United States.  
     My surgeon returns home every Christmas until the new year to stay with his family. He has performed both of my knee replacement, my shoulder and my hip. He is one of the Space Coasts top orthopedic surgeons in the area! I know he has a passport, and I know he is legal. But I also know his family remains, willingly overseas. And I know he loves visiting them, I ask him about them all the time. Is this going to make his life more difficult too? I certainly hope not.

     I personally remember being told by him, that many ‘foreigners’ become Doctors just to get educated, and become United States citizens and send money back to their families. They claim it is the easiest way. I ask my Doctor if medical school was easier over there. He said no, because they still must come over here, and get re-certified with the same testing, so they had better be good. This is not hear-say. I ask one on one. I do have a very personable relationship with my doctor.

      In other words, we were told that Donald Trump was an excellent negotiator, but apparently, that is not true. His skills seem to be impacting us after all. The question we need to ask ourselves, is it for the better? And then the next question we need to ask, is what choice do we really have? After all those questions, we than can look at it like this, is building this wall giving more people jobs while it is being built? Well there you go, there is one plus. There are a lot of things to look at before you start complaining.
     Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United State of America. He vowed to close the borders, and has done just that. His reasoning is because he wants to protect us.

     But if you want to try and think about it like a Muslim, or another country, then perhaps you can see and will think negatively. And perhaps the results from those other countries will cause us great turmoil now that we have decided to act upon them. And the only thing we are trying to say is simple: “We are trying to protect ourselves.” 

     In the meantime, those countries still have several of our hostages held, and see that as a bargaining chip. But as a President we don’t and won’t accept terrorism as a  threat.
     The reason that the other countries are upset, is because they have something to hide. They are always at war with something or someone, and always famous for negative thinking.
     Personally, I do see them retaliating, in the future. They think we are trying to be vindictive. They don’t see this as trying to protective ourselves. But again, this is my opinion, an opinion from someone who sees through the eyes of a an open minded individual, whom is also very opinionated.
     Anytime you want the top new and information on Donald Trump check out this site:

     Many people have many different opinions and thoughts about Donald Trump. So much so, that it causes people to see each other in different lights. This past election has brought out the worst in a lot of people. More people spoke out than any other election before. The election was also a tight one, all the way up until the very end.
     But truly, the thing I find shocking is the ones who voted for Trump, who seem to not even realize his campaign promises. Did they even listen, and if so, what is it the listened to, and why is it they voted for him? Because people I know who voted for him, are the ones complaining about the wall, and the closing of the borders. I didn’t vote for him, and I personally like the idea. I see where he is coming from, and I completely understand. Therefore, I honestly am confused about the voting scenario.

     In my opinion, when 9/11 happened it truly brought our country together, united as one. We were torn into shreds, and lost a lot of great people. The people who did it were proud, and announced it, and took lives without a shred of fear. It took us this long, to realize that we need to close the borders, and make a stand for ourselves, and make a difference. But at least we are doing it. It is time for change. Obama claimed it was time for change, and it never happened in the right way. Now it’s a visible change that will have a cause and effect, and maybe the other countries will see, that we, the United States of America are not playing the victims any longer. (Man, that sounded like a great campaign speech!)
     I do not know what other campaign promises Trump made, because as I said, I did not vote for him. But if his promises are as effective as this one was and is, perhaps he knows and will do exactly what is right, and make a difference, and lead this country down the path it needs. I pray for his success, because he needs it and the proper guidance from God and the right people to be on his side down the very long four-year road.
     Apparently, President Trump, however is quite unsure of what political party he would truly like to be on. He has been affiliated with all parties at one time, Democratic, Independent and now as we all know: Republican. 

      To finalize, here I wish to say that President Trump is just looking out for ‘we the people’ just as he promised in his campaign. I think he is doing what he promised, and what he thinks is best. The outcome in the end, has a chance at causing a war. But all we can do is hope and pray that it doesn’t. I do however, think that his goal isn’t to cause a war, but only to teach those in the other countries, that we aren’t here to be used and abused. His heart is in the right place, but again, this is just my opinion. 

      In the end, I would like to add this: Although I did not vote for President Trump: I do support him. I am impressed with the changes he has made so far.

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